Laurel Miller is a seasoned producer, editor, and writer specializing in digital media.

Laurel began her career as an intern at George Clooney & Grant Heslov’s production company, Section Eight. Besides getting to see Mr. Clooney’s guesthouse basketball court, she helped dev execs with script reviews.

Next up was HBO’s The Sopranos. As her first gig in post, she was lucky enough to be in the editing room when that infamous cut to black was made. She thinks Tony lived to die another day.

In 2007 she became Managing Segment Editor of Fox/Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit, a daily show featuring action sports' biggest personalities. Here she added Field Producer to her skill-set, making over 75 comedy and sports segments in sixteen months, an accomplishment second only to learning where the best waves in the world break.

In 2010, Laurel hopped on a year-long NASCAR docu-series called Chasing Spencer. She field produced and edited verite-style half hour episodes about a rookie’s trials on and off the track, while also crafting the show's season arc. Listening to the Pit Crew Chief and Driver’s back-and-forth headset chatter is juicier than any episode of Real Housewives (yes, even New York).

When Chasing Spencer EP Patrick Weir offered her an opportunity to create innovative content for the emerging field of adaptive education, she took it. As a Supervising Producer for Fulcrum Labs, she oversaw the production of 2,000+ best-in-class educational videos, helping win the agency 14 Telly Awards and a Gold Brandon Hall Award, the “Oscar” of the learning industry. Additionally, she formed a life-long bond with Captain Mathias Hussey, a veteran MD-80 pilot who partnered with her to bring Allegiant Air’s Pilot Training video course to life.

Since 2017, she's been getting down and dirty in the trenches of the video game marketing world, making Call of Duty cinematic gameplay trailers at the creative agency gnet. One year into her tenure, gnet was named Agency of the Year. Coincidence? She thinks not. Her biggest accomplishments are creatively leading the Black Ops 4 DLC trailers and producing the last two years’ multiplayer campaigns, arguably the most complex and rigorous assets in the industry.

Laurel has an award-winning feature length tour documentary Use Your Delusion making the festival rounds.